You need: 

  • Passport or National Identity Card 
  • 5-8 minutes 
  • BankID-app 

Download the BankID-app here 

Part 1 – Download the BankID-app and find your passport or identity card  

The BankID-app must be downloaded to your phone from Google Play or App Store before you can start the identification process (ID-check). You don’t have to activate the app before you use it. You need to use either your passport or national identity-card in the identification process.

NB: remember to check that your passport/identity-card is valid before you start. Your phone must have iOS 13 or newer, Android need to have 7.0 or newer. 

Part 2 – Start the ID-check and chose identification method 

You must be logged in to the mobile bank to start the identification process (ID-check). You will find the link under Profil, and Legitimer deg. When you start the identification process you will automatically be transferred to the BankID-app where ID-check will be completed made. 

Part 3 – Use your mobile phone to take a selfie, and to scan your ID document 

To be able to scan a photo of yourself, you must have a smart phone (iPhone must have iOS 13 or newer, Android must have 7.0 or newer). You will be asked to take a photo of yourself, of the photo-page in your passport, as well as scan the chip in your passport (by putting your phone on top of your passport). You can see how this is done by watching the video below (the text and voiceover is in Norwegian). 


Are you experiencing problems identifying yourself electronically? 

Other ways to identify yourself 
If you don’t have a smart phone, or you find it difficult to identify yourself electronically, contact us and we will help you 

Frequently asked questions 
Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning ID-check and the identification process 

Contact us 
Contact us here if you have any questions or need help with the identification process.